Monday, July 21

High Summer

It's almost the end of July! Wait! Slow down! It has been very beautiful here. Flowers everywhere, green everywhere,
Lots of great garden vegetables - the peas!!! Favas are getting ready.
Frances and I scored excellent bicycles at the Salvation Army, and we are tearing around the back roads of Freedom. Really, it's more like daintily pedaling in first gear while trying to look like we have fine carriage. English accents the whole time - I say! This hill forthcoming looks dreadful! 

A new tank top! Has an elastic at the bottom hem. Allows the fabric to fall nicely - kind of like a bubble hem. Shown with a basic short linen skirt.
A skirted short dress. 30" in length. I wear my brown/black one constantly. Mostly over jeans, or over a swim suit, or with another skirt under that's just slightly longer, and with the same fullness. 
Email me if interested.
Ps - why iron

Friday, June 20

New apron!

And, therefore, a new thing that I will wear every day! This apron design has proven to be the finest of all that I've tried. And, I love a good apron. The tie around the neck things weigh me down. This one does not tie, it's like an overall. It is roomy, and straight, and has two nice pockets. Aprons are cool.       
If you'd like one let me know.
This one is in light linen. It can be made in various weights, fabrics. Xx.                   

Tuesday, June 17

Light cottons

Pretty hand block prints from Jaipur.
A skirted top, and a straight short dress.
In etsy shop!
Summer is swinging up here!

Thursday, May 22

Hello csa pieces...

A few things from the CSA. I still have many more pieces coming in this weekend. Like all the black pants, broad shirts, skirts. I will be shipping on Tuesday. I will be sewing buttons, and photographing, and packaging, and it will be a great MDW! Lilacs are beginning to consider blooming up here!

Monday, April 21

Spring things

The csa is underway! In full swing! Production! I love all the colors! Much more to come...
I will be posting these pieces in the etsy shop.

Friday, March 21

Just born

We went to the farm over in Albion to pick up the finest milk in the world. As I was putting the coin in the honor box, the farmer came in and said "if you want to see some wicked cute pigs come with me!". Well, I did want to see them! I followed! They were born last night. The tiniest spring piglets all shivering under the lamp.  Misty Brook Farm. Xx

Wednesday, March 5

spring, please!

i am sooooo ready for spring. as i write there are tiny snowflakes falling, sky is grey, and it is feeling very wintery outside. inside? new clothes! i am very excited about this beautiful, light, soft Indian print! done up in a men's shirt style - the print is a brown/grey. i WILL be ordering more of this material as well as other prints, and colors. pretty! if you email me i'll tell you what my inspiration was for this shirt!

new styles for girls - a painterly, earthy cotton voile skirted tank. a stripe linen skirted tank, and trousers.
i will be adding these kid's styles (and a few more) to the shop in mid-march.

the Indian-for women- print top may be ordered HERE! it is $215. it fits like a men's small.
email me if you'd like one -
please, follow me on instagram - i'm gearing up for great photo activity, and that will be the place to see what i'm up to!

oh, and i can make those kid's styles for adults - where you wondering???

Sunday, February 23


a HUGE THANK YOU! to everyone who has joined the CSA!!!
THANK YOU, Sophie!
THANK YOU, Belinda!
THANK YOU, Corinne!
THANK YOU, Annette!
THANK YOU, Yuting!

this is great!
i will be sending you linen color choices this week - for the MAY pieces.
for those getting the opposite shipments - i will be gathering fabric choices in the coming weeks.

email me ANYTIME! please!