Friday, May 1

Friday offer, anyone?

In celebration of future warmer weather! The weather report says 75F for Monday! If I can get 10 orders, I can make this jacket for $50usd! I made this jacket because I wanted something light that I could put on over a tshirt, or tank. It's perfect. I like to twist it up and make it wrinkly, it adds interesting texture.

natural, black, navy, olive, mustard, grey, pale sky, cardinal, citron, white
email (,  or leave a comment if interested!
offer closes Monday, May 4th, 2015

Saturday, April 25

freedom art works/lisa dorr earrings

image 1 - jet bead, blue dyed horn disc, white shell bead, silver wire, 1.75" from top of wire

image 2 - black matte bead, white shell bead, natural horn disc, blue ceramic bead, silver wire, 1.5"                     from top of wire

image 3 - bone cylinder beads, red dyed horn discs, silver bead, silver wire, 1.75" from top of wire

image 4 - jet beads, bone cylinder bead, red dyed horn discs, silver wire, 1.5" from top of wire

$40.00 per pair, email me if interested

Wednesday, April 22

Freedom Art Works and Lisa Dorr

I am collaborating with Freedom Art Works jewelry! I am so excited! My sweetheart's father has been making jewelry for many years (as well as many other incredible art pieces), and has an excellent studio. I have been obsessed with earrings, and this is what i've made so far using the materials on hand. Bone, amber, glass, silver, jet, ceramic, mother of pearl - there's so much to work with! So much to learn! So much to make! I'll be investing in gold, and silver findings (the part you put in your ear - learned that). I'm so thrilled! Watch here for more development, and links!
image 1 - group of singles
image 2 - silver finding, terracotta glazed ceramic bead, red coral bead, bone cylindrical bead, jet beads, tiny bone beads, dark amber beads, red coral beads. 3" from top of finding.
image 3 - silver finding, shell beads, jet beads, tiny glazed ceramic black beads. 2.25" from top of finding.
image 4 - silver finding, black matte ceramic bead, bone cylindrical bead, red coral beads, bone spherical beads, tiny shell beads. 2" from top of finding.
image 5 - bone cylindrical bead, jet beads, terracotta glazed ceramic beads, bone cylindrical beads, tiny black glazed ceramic beads.  3" from top of finding.

$80.00 per pair, email me if you would like to purchase

Monday, March 16

Monday, March 9


Took some pictures under the sky light. A beautiful bright day, and the sun was warm! 
from top to bottom - 
straight shape sundress, fold pant
box top, short pant
straight shape sundress
short sleeve jacket, box top

adding these to the etsy shop

Sunday, February 15


Today is the last day to sign up for the CSA. If you would like to join, but haven't decided which group you'd like - simply send me an email of your interest.

Sunday, February 8


A gentle reminder that the CSA closes TOMORROW! Also, I have been asked by a few if substitutions, or switches can be made. My answer to that is - tell me what you have in mind! If I can do it I will be more than happy to oblige! See the tab above for CSA information.